Guests for June 20, 2020

Frank Oz and Dave Goelz

Frank Oz The Barretta Brothers

Frank Oz

Frank is a four time Emmy winner, recipient of The Art Director’s Guild Award, The Comedy Award, Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award, George Foster Peabody award, and others. He’s performed with The Muppets and on the Star Wars Films. The dozen feature films he’s directed include Little Shop of Horrors, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, In & Out, The Score, and Death at a Funeral, and has been patiently tolerant of Dave for years.

Dave Goelz

Dave is a one time Emmy winner, and did not receive The Art Director’s Guild Award, The Comedy Award or the Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award. He did not receive the George Foster Peabody award, but Jim Henson shared his with Dave. He’s performed with The Muppets, but not on the Star Wars Films. He has directed a dozen Traveling Matt episodes for Fraggle Rock. He’s not as accomplished as Frank, but at least his given name auto-capitalizes.

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